Download: Property Management Brochure

Thank you for taking a minute to review the information on how Re-Deck-It products can benefit your commercial location or locations you manage.  For property managers across the nation who want the best for their clients, the proven Re-Deck-It system offers a wealth of benefits unmatched in the concrete resurfacing industry.  In fact, Re-Deck-It is the only company that has a program specifically designed for you that includes sending professionals from our corporate offices to your facility to train your staff on how to install the Re-Deck-It system.  Let’s face it, in today’s economy money is tight and having your own employees work on your project can result in cutting costs by 40 percent while restoring, preserving and beautifying a vital part of your property’s appearance.

The Re-Deck-it material is strong enough for driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, patios and virtually all other concrete surfaces, either high traffic or not.  You have seen it time and time again from the sidewalks, casinos and hotels throughout Las Vegas, to restaurants, schools, churches and airports throughout the world to name just a few.

The application process requires no heavy equipment and is minimally invasive during the installation process. Re-Deck-It materials can be installed seven days a week to work around any schedule and available in a variety of colors designed to complement any décor.

Tearing out your old concrete is not an option, as this can be costly, unsightly and create unnecessary waste. Re-Deck-It is the only choice for a concrete surface that needs to be re-created without tear out.  To learn more, please download our brochure then give us a call to discuss.



1 Complete Set of Stamping Tools
1 Release Mixing Paddle
1 Water Measuring Device
1 – 4” Crack Chaser Diamond Blade

1 Cone Mixer
1 Gauge Rake
1 Color Wash Brush
12 Rolls of Forming Tape

1 Magic Trowel
1 Roller Tool
1 – 4” Diamond Blade

Training and Marketing:


5 Training DVDs

100 Corporate Brochures

25 Corporate Color Charts

PERSONAL TRAINING ON YOUR 1ST PROJECT – Company will send national trainer for a week to work with you on your first job to make sure you understand how products are put down and to train you on the use of the products.

Large Quantity Pricing Available.